An overview of evaluation metrics for a multiclass machine-learning model

Whether it’s spelled multi-class or multiclass, the science is the same. Multiclass image classification is a common task in computer vision, where we categorize an image into three or more classes.

We have heard about classification and regression techniques in Machine Learning. We know that these two techniques work on different algorithms for discrete and continuous data respectively. In this article, we will learn more about classification.

Work Flow:

  • Scrape Images from Google
  • removing duplicated images
  • Dominate background color
  • Training a model
  • predicting an Image-category

When we can classify an image into more than one class, it is known as a multi-label…

Put a word in a specific zone.

We are much familiar using word2vec library for word vectors. For Natural Language Processing (NLP), it’s more useful to use dictionaries that define concepts in terms of their usage statistics and Word2Vec models are helpful to create this kind of dictionaries.But,the problem with that is Word Part,for example a bird is in a dictionary, then model does not identify the individual usage of it and that’s the drawbacks of Word2vec models.

Word vectors built from these methods map words to points in space that effectively encode semantic and syntactic meaning despite ignoring word order information.

Model checks the weight (percentage) of NSFW video and decide whether it’ll upload or not.

Image from Google

Anywhere from 4% to 30% of the Internet is composed of pornographic content, according to a 2011 article in Forbes. To protect the Web-viewing public from accidentally stumbling across this inappropriate NSFW content, Website and search engine operators have invested large sums to build proprietary imagine classification systems that use deep learning algorithms to automatically detect pornographic images and videos.

TensorFlow Open-Source NSFW-model taken from here. Yahoo’s NSFW algorithm scores images from 0 to 1.

Detecting adult and offensive images is an important problem. Uploading a video on Social media is like a routine. However, many platforms are now looking…

Nikhil Desai

Data Science Intern at Genuin

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